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Clifford H. Dill, a hardworking and dedicated man who made a lasting impact on those around him, has passed away at the age of 102. Born on November 14, 1921, to Dayton and Lola Dill, Clifford lived a life filled with love, laughter, and countless memories. His unwavering commitment to his family and his remarkable work ethic and patriotism define his legacy.

Clifford's career spanned many years, where he tirelessly provided for his loved ones. As a truck driver and mechanic, he demonstrated a remarkable ability to work diligently while still finding joy in his endeavors. Often described as someone who made hard work appear effortless, Clifford's infectious enthusiasm touched the lives of everyone he encountered. A true jack of many trades, he approached each task with dedication and a sense of adventure.

While time took away companions from Clifford's earlier years, it also brought about moments of celebration in the later chapters of his life. As he aged, his children, their friends, and the community rallied together to create memorable birthday parties in honor of Clifford. These joyous occasions served as testaments to the love and affection he inspired in others. His family would like to thank everyone who gathered each year to bring joy to Clifford and celebrate with them.

Kindness and warmth radiated from Clifford's every action. To him, love knew no bounds—once you earned his affection, you became part of his family. The Dill family grew beyond bloodlines because that was who Clifford was at heart: a man devoted to cherishing and supporting those he held dear. His love knew no boundaries and extended far beyond the ties of kinship. To that effect, Clifford grew to love the Moore family, Donna, and William. Their constant string binding them throughout their childhood and their love for him in his advanced age was a beautiful blessing and so appreciated. Clifford now has the blinds up in heaven, smiling down.

In addition to his remarkable career achievements and loving nature, Clifford proudly served as a World War II Veteran from 1942 to 1945. He joined the ranks of the 331st Infantry Regiment of the Army and fearlessly fought in five different areas throughout the war—including Normandy. Recognized for his bravery and sacrifice, Clifford received numerous commendations for his military service. His extraordinary valor earned him five Bronze Stars, with one presented to him personally by General Patton himself. In recognition of his wounds received in combat, he was awarded the prestigious Purple Heart. Furthermore, Clifford's dedication and commitment to his duty were acknowledged through the Good Conduct Medal, American Theater Campaign Medal, and Eamet Campaign Medal.

However, Clifford's proudest accomplishment was undoubtedly his love for his family. His unyielding devotion to those he held dear shaped the lives of his children and extended family members. His love was a beacon in their lives—a reminder of the power of compassion and kinship. He leaves behind his two daughters, Hope Harrison, and Royal Davis (Tony), as well as two sons, John Kenny (Sharon), and James Kenny (Kathy). He also leaves behind 6 grandchildren by blood and three bonus grandchildren by choice, 8 great-grandchildren, and 2 great-great-grandchildren.

Clifford H. Dill's departure leaves an indescribable void in the lives of all who knew him. His legacy is one that will continue to inspire generations to come. As we mourn his loss, let us also celebrate the remarkable life he led—an existence filled with hard work, boundless love, and unwavering devotion to his country. May his memory forever serve as a reminder that a life well-lived is not determined solely by accomplishments but by the love we share with others. His family knows that he is resting well and happy in the arms of God and surrounded by loved ones, they know that he is telling everyone “I am fine.”

Clifford will be laid to rest in a ceremony with his beautiful wife who predeceased him, Alice D. Dill, at M.J. Dolly Cooper Cemetery at a later date with military honors.

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